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JAZZKIDSâ„¢ - Performing with a Swing
Kids Performing: JazzKids

This programme is endorsed by the National Arts Council Arts Education programme
(NAC-AEP ) and is eligible for the 60% Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy

January 2011 – 31 December 2013

Art Form
Music, dance, theater

Art Type


Target Audience
Primary 1 to Primary 6
Lower Secondary


Duration per session
60 minutes 

$6 per student per session
GST applicable

No. of sessions per Workshop

Student Size
Minimum 20 maximum 40 per class

No. of Artists

Technical Requirements

  • DANCE studio or Classroom without furniture ( mirrors preferred)
  • One piano/keyboard
  • CD player
  • DVD player and screen ( projector or tv)

Other information
Expenses for production such as costumes, props are not included in the course fees. Excursions and shows are also not inclusive of the course fees.


  1. To develop in children a better understanding and appreciation of jazz ( specific to vocal and dance )
  2. To introduce to children basic skills of performing in better appreciation of a performers’ role.
  3. To encourage creativity in music by improvisational scat integral to jazz.

JAZZKIDS™- “Performing with a Swing” is an appreciation program enabling the students to understand the fundamentals of vocal jazz and swing dance while teaching the basic skills of performance. In the workshop, vocal training is provided as these students are to sing one jazz tune. They are also taught to scat, which is an important element of jazz.

They will learn that jazz, though structured, allows for much creativity in improvisation. They will be also be taught from listening to recordings, watching videos, as well as taken on excursions to a live performance by professional performers.

The students will experience “live” performances, and have the opportunity to internalise it by actually learning the basic skills necessary to perform one simple jazz song. They finally will evaluate their own performances as well as to critique what they hear. There will be constant discussions on the improvisational aspects of the music.

Questionaires will be given at the beginning and at the end of the course to gauge evaluate their understanding of the genre. The children will also perform the song before a live audience ( teachers) to further understand the performer’s role.

Three aspects of course:

  1. Appreciation and Understanding
  2. Learning the skills
  3. Performing

Repertoir :

  1. Route 66

Video and Audio References:

  1. Ella
  2. Benny Goodman
  3. Swing Kids
  4. Michael Buble
  5. Frank Sinatra
  6. Lisa Yves

Live Performances:

  1. Swing – Lindy Hop and Vocal Jazz Revue

To develop new young audience appreciating and understanding the art of jazz performance.

To provide children with the opportunity to experience the art of jazz performance through practice and performances (as discerning audience)

The JazzKidsâ„¢- Performing with A Swing program will make jazz a friendlier genre of music to young audience as they will learn to understand the basis of which a vocal jazz is build upon.

If you would like information regarding Kids Performingâ„¢ courses or productions in your school, please contact Kuo Po from our Schools Liason Department

6836-5008 / Handphone: 9739 6226 / Email to : [email protected]

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