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The Classical Ballet syllabi comprises the Foundation Grades Syllabus, Progressive Grades Syllabus and the Major Classical Syllabus.

These grades have been introduced into the syllabi to help and assist students in building their technique before advancing to the next level. It is recommended that the Foundation Grade be taken or covered before the actual ‘Graded Examination’, therefore giving the student a stronger technical foundation in dance.

The Progressive Grades Syllabus covers :
Pre Ballet Primary / Grade 1 - 6
These courses are for beginning students of ballet and form an introduction to basic technique and to different rhythms in music, which will later develop into musicality and enjoyment in their dancing. They learn coordination of the various body parts and how to mime, which promotes self-expression and confidence.

Progressive Grades 1-3 Grade 1 (age 7) Grade 2 (age 8) & Grade 3 (age 9)
Here the teaching of true ballet technique commences, along with increased emphasis on correct posture, placement and line. Flexibility and strength building are also necessary components. A variety of steps are introduced and students learn both the vocabulary and how to join these together in different ways, and importantly to show enjoyment in what they are doing. Elevation, presentation and dance quality are developed throughout.

Progressive Grades 4-6 Grade 4 (age 10), Grade 5 & Grade 6 (age 11)
Movements become increasingly complex and varied and students learn to develop quick responses through the use of unrehearsed work. Turning steps, beaten steps and demi-pointe exercises are practiced and developed, so greater strength and control is required. An increased sense of performance, awareness of space and dynamics and development of choreography are emphasized. National dance is introduced from Grade 5 and the choice of style is flexible. Grade 6 lays the foundation for Major work which follows.

Dorothy Gladstone Award
An optional public performance at a transitional level, for candidates who have passed Grade 5 or 6 but not Sub Elementary.
The Major Classical Syllabus caters for candidates from 12 years and onwards.
Sub Elementary, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Martin Rubenstein Award, Premier Danseur, Teachers' Certificate, Teachers' Diploma

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