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 BroadwayKids™ 1  / 2


BroadwayKids™ is a program teaching children
the elements of performance using musical theater .
In this course, the children learn to "Act through Song," a technique that will bring characters to live ! 
They role play and learn about expressions, developing characters and scenes through improvisation. The children are also taught basic dance technique and choreographed for presentation.
Each BroadwayKid™ will be evaluated by London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) examiner to achieve certification in Musical Theater at the end of each grade.
BroadwayKids will also prepare for a thematic performance once a year, as well as a staged musical.

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JAZZKIDS™ 1 / 2 /3

jazzprofiletm.jpgJazzKids™ is a program teaching children the elements of performance using jazz repertoire. In this course, appreciation of jazz is inculcated with the special skills of singing, dancing and stage presentation. Selected jazz standards that appeal to children are taught and through these songs children are trained to sing in the style of jazz and and dance the authentic moves in choreography originating from America in the ‘30s.

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Kids Performing: Urban KidsUrbanKids™ is a program teaching children the elements of performance using contemporary popular MTV- genre repertoire. In this course, appreciation of pop styles is inculcated with the special skills of singing, dancing and stage presentation. Selected repertoire that appeal to children and the youths are taught and through these songs they are trained to sing in styles suited for different genre and are choreographed for the show presentations.

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Twinklestars is a performance training program for children aged 3 – 4 years old.

This course introduces the students to rhythm training, coordination skills in simple dance moves, music appreciation, singing and drama through story telling . They are exposed to children’s music and popular repertoire. Students will present a showcase at the end of the semester. 

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PopStars 1
Age: 5 years old

Saturday 11am - 12pm
Sunday 2 - 4pm

PopStars is a performance training program for kids age 5-6 years old. This course teaches the skill sets required for song and dance i.e basic musicianship like pitch and dynamics, vocal production, basic dance technique, choreographed movement and co-ordination to rhythm. PopStars will also learn role play to develop characterisation in acting. Their repertoire includes pop music and musical theater.


PopStars 2
Age: 6 years old

Saturday 4.30 - 6pm
Sunday 12.30 -2pm

A performance training class that prepares the children for JazzKids™, Urbankids™ or BroadwayKids™.In this course, they are taught songs from different genre: jazz, musical theater and pop. Simple choreography is taught where they will improve their coordination and rhythmic skills.They will also learn about team work through stage training. Confident personalities are developed early in this course as the children will need to hold their own poses and introduce themselves with pride. Basic vocal technique is also introduced in this course.

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TeenStars™ Performance Training Program

TeenStars™ is the wholistic performing arts program for teenagers developing the triple threat elements of performance.

In a weekly two-hour program, the students learn to sing, dance and act! This comprehensive course includes performance technique and development of repertoire. Repertoire includes the genres of musical theatre, pop and jazz. The talents of  TeenStars™ are groomed to perform in our elite show groups for an international audience.





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